Girls (8-11 years)
Earth classes are designed to be a next step following the Mars Classes. VEGA coaches will focus on teaching the squat through and landing methods on vault. Bars time will center around pullovers, back hip circles and casts. On beam your athlete will work on rolls, half turns and leaps. Moving to floor, athletes will work back handspring drills, back walkovers and round-offs. Refinement of old skills will continue throughout this class, as well as gymnastics’ healthy focus on strength and flexibility throughout each event.

Earth Boys (9-12)
Earth boys class will be working on all 6 mens events. Vault stations will focus on running, skipping and hurdles, eventually ending in a squat on to the vault. Boys will swing on the high bar and the parallel bars, working on their casts and pulling in to support. They will continue with supports on the rings, also learning to “L” hold and hang in proper form comfortably and safely.Earth boys will work on the basics of cartwheels and handstands.

Tuition runs the 1st of each month. Accounts are billed for the number of classes that take place each month. Assuming there are 4 classes in a month, pricing is as stated below.