Coach Harmony

Harmony Shaunice

Harmony Shaunice

Recreational Gymnastics Director, Xcel Team Coach, and Recreational Instructor

Harmony started coaching at VEGA in November of 2010, and is now the recreational gymnastics director, recreational coach and an XCEL team coach. She has a degree in Interactive Media and Web Design from the Art Institute of Portland. She is also VEGA’s own in-house graphic designer. Harmony has been doing gymnastics since she was 8 years old. As a gymnast, her favorite events were Floor and Beam but as a coach, she loves coaching Vault and Bars. When asked about her favorite aspect of coaching gymnastics, she responded, “I love seeing my kids’ eyes light up when they are challenged and succeeding. It’s so fun watching them get excited about a personal goal. Also watching a kid learn a cartwheel for the first time is priceless, there’s nothing like it!!”

Coach Harmony plays the didgeridoo, loves camping in her hammock, has a solid handstand, loves her mama, enjoys working with her hands and building things and she is a firm believer in reuse, recycle, compost and upcycle.

“Lead by example not by exception.” -As told to me by Zdravko

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