Coach Trace

Trace Jacquot

Trace Jacquot

Recreational Coach

Hello! My name is Trace!
I am a Team / Recreational Coach at VEGA and I first started working here in 2013. I started in gymnastics when I was 2 years old with Zdravko and his Wife Maria as my coaches! I competed for 13 years and achieved my highest award as a finalist on Floor, Parallel bars, & High bar at the Junior Olympic National Championships in 2014 and 2015.

Once I graduated, I went on to get my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Over the years, I have had the wonderful opportunity to coach many different kids as well as adults of all ages in gymnastics and tumbling and acrobatics. I’m currently managing my family business running the event space we have as well as coaching for VEGA. Coaching is so important to me because I always remember growing up having people in my life that genuinely cared about my success and teaching me to better myself everyday. I remain in coaching because I know how valuable those people were to me as a kid and I aim to provide that to all of the kids I work with today. It’s always my goal to bring a smile to people’s faces and to find new ways to challenge myself and the people around me. I stick with VEGA because they have always been like family for me.

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