Coach Tricia

Tricia Hoppa

Tricia Hoppa

Recreational Coach

Coach Tricia began gymnastics at age 7. Shortly after that, her gym introduced their newest coach, Coach Zdravko, and Tricia began competing. Tricia competed for ten years (all with Zdravko), through high school, up to Level 10. The numerous achievements of her competitive career include Level 10 State Floor Champion, Level 9 State Vault Champion, and Western Nationals 11th place finisher.

Other than taking breaks to have her kiddos, Tricia has been coaching for the majority of the past 22 years, starting at the age of 16. Tricia has also coached the Camas High School Gymnastics Team the past few years, where she helped take the Papermakers to three state titles in a row (a huge, record-setting accomplishment).

Tricia is blessed to be a part of VEGA, and considers it to be ‘more than a family.’ She dearly loves her children Emily, Price, and stepdaughter Kayla. And, she loves baking and sharing chocolate chip cookies. Tricia is rarely happier than when she’s walking her dogs, and she is an absolute pushover for any dog, cat or critter that needs love and care.

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