Coach Elise

Elise Ekstrom

Elise Ekstrom

Xcel Director, Meet Director, Recreational Coach

Coach Elise has been coaching gymnastics at the team and recreational levels since 2007. She fell in love with the sport at a young age, training to Level 6/7 at Gold Star Gymnastics with Coach Zdravko. She also participated in Middle School and High School Gymnastics and became the team captain her Junior and Senior years, graduating from Evergreen High School in 2008. Elise has been deeply involved in VEGA’s Xcel Team, and is currently its Director; her favorite gymnastics event is the beam.

A lifelong resident of Vancouver and being the youngest of five children, Elise loves being active with her family outdoors, often playing softball, hiking, and going on bike rides. For personal time, she loves a clean house, pedicures, and massages. Coach Elise married in 2014 and has 3 children. Her favorite aspects of being a gymnastics coach is seeing kids progress, knowing you taught them that skill and the excitement you both feel when a goal is reached and the relationships that grow. Kids leave a huge impact on your life and teaching techniques and you can only strive to leave an equally large and positive impact on their life and learning.

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