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In Ballet/Tap Combo classes, students gain grace and poise through beginning ballet, and rhythm and musicality through beginning tap.

The Combo 1 class (for students age three in September, turning four throughout the school year), uses many elements of Creative Movement and builds on them. At the instructor’s discretion, very basic tap and beginning musical phrasing (counts of 8) are introduced.

The Combo 2 class (for students four in September, turning five through the school year) is divided between ballet and tap instruction. Dancers move into beginning ballet and experiment with whole notes in tap. Students consistently work on flexibility, whole body coordination, dance class etiquette, improvisational creativity and performance comfort level.

The Combo 3 class (for students in Kindergarten, First and Second grades) meets once a week for ballet and tap instruction. This high energy class introduces students to classic ballet technique in line with the ABT(r) curriculum, and builds on tap technique, progressing to combinations and working with whole and half notes.